You can make a difference: Call to learn about the testing and donation process. Spread the word about Barbara. And, help fund the Bionic Kidney Campaign so future families don't have to experience our plight. 


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The best two ways to help save Barbara's life are to call about the donor testing process, and to share her story with your contacts.

You never know who will feel compelled to get tested, so email or tell family and friends about this site, and like, follow, and share Barbara's story on Facebook

Finding out about donating a kidney to Barbara is easy and commitment free. It takes five minutes to call the KidneyTransplant Department to learn about donation and see if you're a potential match, 30 minutes to get tested, and 2-3 weeks to recover if you decide to donate. 

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THE Bionic Kidney Campaign

In the U.S. alone, 117,000 people need a life-saving kidney. With donor organs in extremely short supply, many die waiting. The Bionic Kidney Campaign is the opportunity to fund the solution. We want to make sure future families don't experience what ours is going through. Together, we can make that goal a reality. A team of researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, known as The Kidney Project, is creating a bioartificial kidney to eliminate the need for dialysis—a short-term, costly treatment—and donor organs. Phase 2 of their groundbreaking work, which includes in-human testing, will require an estimated $3 million a year. Please make a personally meaningful contribution today.

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