Anonymous Kidney Donations Create Huge, Rare Donation Chain That Connects Them All in Remarkable Way


"A group of friends, family members and a Good Samaritan were part of a giant, 12-person kidney donation chain at Northwestern Memorial Hospital that brings them together Wednesday to meet in Chicago for the first time.

"The rare donation chain was a result of six people donating kidneys to six recipients. The donors did not know who their kidneys were going to, but the transplants miraculously wove a web connecting all 12 people, according to Northwestern Medicine.

"The result? 'Kidney transplant surgeries in a rare organ-transplant chain from living donors that resulted in healthy kidneys going to six sick people,' the hospital said in a statement.

"It all started with Brendan Flaherty, 21, who was diagnosed in 1998 with the kidney-affecting Denys-Drash Syndrome. Flaherty received a transplant from Kimberly Cooper, 44, who was a non-directed donor and the Good Samaritan in the chain."

Read the full article in NBC Chicago.
By Jonathon Sadowski, February 28, 2018