Denver Woman Works to Help Create Bionic Kidney


Marlow Hoffman is trying to raise $3 million so others won’t have to wait like her mom for a kidney transplant

"Marlow Hoffman started with a simple mission to help her mother Barbara find a living kidney donor.

"But the Denver woman quickly realized the magnitude of the problem and the need to create a bionic kidney to eliminate the need for organ donations.

"Barbara Hoffman, who has been waiting for a kidney for about 18 months, is one of more than 120,000 people in the United States waiting for an organ transplant and one of the more than 100,000 who need a kidney. The National Kidney Foundation says only 20,000 kidneys are donated each year while 3,000 people are added to the waiting list each month. That means an average wait of nearly four years while 13 people die daily needing a kidney transplant."

Read the complete write up about Barbara & the Bionic Kidney Campaign in The Denver Post.
By Amanda Trejos, February 13, 2018