Even if you're not a match for Barbara, you still may be able to donate your kidney and save her life through a Paired Kidney exchange, also known as a “kidney swap.”

What Is a paired kidney exchange?

A Paired Kidney exchange, also known as a “kidney swap,” occurs when a living kidney donor is incompatible with the recipient, and so exchanges kidneys with another donor/recipient pair.

For example, Barbara's daughters want to give her one of their kidneys, but they're not a match. Somewhere else, a son might want to give a kidney to his father, yet he is not a match. If the son is a match for Barbara, and one of Barbara's daughter's is a match for his father, we could "swap" kidneys through a Paired Kidney exchange. You can get a better idea of this in the graphic above.

Questions? Want to Add your name to the Paired Donation List? 

Please contact us, or contact the UC Health Transplant Department and ask to speak with a Living Kidney Donor Coordinator: 720.848.0855. All calls are confidential and commitment free.